Day ???: An Update

It’s been a long time and I’m actually surprised I got this far into the project. I have a bad habit when it comes to keeping up with things when I somehow miss it just once. It was purely unintentional; I had planned on just taking one picture a day and waiting a couple of days to post them up under their respective posts and have been doing that for the past several ones, but apparently that didn’t go through my last attempt and it eventually slipped my mind. When it hit me, it was already long past and it would have been awkward and too much work to try to make up for the days I missed.

Either way, this wordpress began because I needed something to keep me moving forward and though my current life now is still in its transitional phase (and just might be for the next couple of months), I’ve accepted that I’m back here bumming about and giving myself things to do. I don’t need a blog to record pictures of my daily life (no matter how exciting or increasingly mundane it is), anymore, and that was what it was becoming. I realised that Korea wasn’t haunting my thoughts as much so it’s about time I put a close to this– but not before I say the following:


It’s been great fun keeping up with this while it lasted.

Till next time!


Off note: I’ve been thinking of starting another blog, perhaps food-based or perhaps just random going-ons… of which food would be one of the starring characters. The only thing stopping me is how well I would keep up with it. We’ll see. ^^


Day 52: Awesomeness All Around

Guess what came in the mail? Here's my first degree black belt certificate and license, sent from my dojang in Korea. ^^ My pride and joy.

My friends and I ordered Kimchi Jjigae (me), Bibimbap (male friend), and Japchae (female friend). It definitely satisfied my craving for Korean food. ❤

Before the movie, my friend decided to get in touch with his inner kid. 🙂 haha...

– Woke up. Breakfast.
– Continued Sungkyunkwan Scandal (rewatch).
– Brewed potion in Pottermore. Read.
– Lunch.
– Cooked dinner with roasted red pepper pesto.
– Read. Continued with scrapbook.
– Dinner at Myungdong Kalguksu Restaurant.
– Watched 21 Jump Street.

Day 51: Down to Business

A messy outline for my scrapbook, haha. I'm not posting up pictures of my scrapbook until it's completely finished. 😀

– Woke up. Breakfast.
– Read. Applied for a part-time job.
– Dishes. Began search for scrapbook materials.
– Lunch.
– Continued drama and Pottermore.
– Started working on scrapbook.
– Dinner. Read. Watch. Scrapbook.
– Walk. Shower.


My mom and I went to an old shopping center we used to go to a lot, back when I was in high school. On the sidewalk, we saw a sad sight. đŸ˜Ļ Looks like Mr(s). Bird was a looker when s/he was alive..

Oh, the Potterverse. I was once a true Potter fan, haha. Having Pottermore open to the general public made my old fangirl self rear her head up once more. ^^

– Woke up. Breakfast.
– Read. Start drama.
– Lunch.
– Brainstorm for new scrapbook-ing project.
– Began organising photos to print out for project.
– Impromptu outing with Mom.
– Dinner.
– Read. Started Pottermore. ❤

Day 49: Temples, Family, and Food

We went to a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple that's currently under construction but was also open to the public. ..Anyway, it was pretty awesome inside: high ceilings, new feel (wonder why), clean (obviously), and really quiet. They were still doing landscaping and building a pond of some sort, as well as putting on finishing touches, but the main building was complete.

This was tonight's dinner. I have no name for it. It's tomato soup based, but I added in basil, oregano, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, purple rice, brown rice, black wild rice, and lemon juice - all topped with fresh Parmesan and parsley. It turned out pretty good!

– Woke up. Breakfast. Got ready.
– Mini outing with entire family.
– Lunch at 小įžŽ’s in Chinatown, a veggie cafe.
– Headed back home.
– Made roasted bell pepper pesto for later on the week.
– Made tomato, Italian garden soup concoction for dinner.
– Cleaned up. Relax. Read. Caught up online.
– Dinner. Walk. Face mask.

Day 48: Bonding

Whole Foods is one of my favorite markets. If it was cheaper, it would probably be number one. Either way, it was one of the stops and at this branch, they had live music, which was AWESOME.

My dad and I indulged a bit. I got their almond... cookie thing, my favorite item at the Whole Food's bakery. My dad went for the healthiest thing in there: something whole grain and nutty.

– Woke up. Breakfast. Read. Lunch
– Market tour and grocery shopping with Dad.
– Home for dinner.
– Laundry. Cleaning.
– Roasted and peeled peppers.
– Grandparents with grand-uncle/aunt visit.
– Shower. Relax.

Day 47: Of Leftovers

What you're seeing are the leftovers of my gingerbread pancakes from Magnolia Cafe. 🙂 I warmed it up a smidge and drizzled some agave nectar (because my house lacks syrup of any kind) over it. Et voila - breakfast!

– Woke up. Breakfast.
– Tended to FB games. Caught up. Read.
– Lunch.
– Read. Relaxed. Tore self away from FB.
– Researched recipes to cook for the weekend.
– Got hungry. Snacked.
– Took inventory of kitchen and pantry.
– Relax. Read. Dinner.